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Atout France guarantee

Vialala has been registered since 1 August 2017 in the register of the companies of the Voyage – Atout France / APST. A counter-guarantee worth € 120,000 was provided by the founders of Vialala to the Tourism Companies Solidarity Fund. As is customary, this amount allows the newly created agency to present to its clients all the mandatory guarantees, in particular those related to the financing of repatriations. Apart from these extreme cases, Vialala also provides all the necessary guarantees for travelers who retain their services in terms of insurance and civil liability.

Vialala is a registered travel agency Atout France, and as such, it offers all its customers all regulatory guarantees. Vialala offers complementary services, for example, cancellation insurance offers or special travel guarantees. Because of its international positioning, Vialala is looking through partnerships to offer, in addition to insurance for travelers, offers for students or expatriates in general.

Vialala offers a full range of travel insurance services with Mondial Assistance (cancellation, repatriation …). Find the complete list of these offers and choose for yourself the options that seem most interesting for your trip when customizing it.

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