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Innstant | Booking engine & switch

Innstant Travel is the wholesale division behind the booking engine that allows travel professionals to be constantly up-to-date in an ever faster and more competitive tourism sector.

As a global distributor, Innstant offers a local and international support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Innstant is also proud to offer one of the largest stocks of unique accommodation offers with more than 300,000 properties in the portfolio, including hotels of course, but also apartments, holiday homes and villas, all available directly via the powerful online booking platform. Innstant Travel also offers thousands of car rental and transfer offers, activities, sporting events, concerts – all also available on the ergonomic B2B website.

Vialala & Innstant

Innstant is Vialala’s first booking center partner; its reservation system is open to all TourUps. They can find accommodation, transportation and activities around the world

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Innstant travel

Ambassad’Or | HEC Student Association

Ambassad’Or is the initiative of 3 HEC students who, following their first experiences in business and internationally, wished to develop the possibility for students to work in “intraprenariat”, ie as freelance in a company, for specific missions.. They launched their first partnership with AirBnB in September 2018.

Vialala & Ambassad’Or

Vialala and Ambassad’Or decided to join forces to offer students the opportunity to use their international experience or their knowledge of their region; they can become travel planners and offer travel tips. They can also sponsor their relatives on Vialala.


Mond’Assur | Spécialiste de l’assurance à l’international

For more than 15 years, Mondassur has been an international health insurance broker, offering travel insurance and expatriate insurance. Mondassur is for travelers from all over the world, international students and people living abroad. Expert in international insurance, Mondassur knows how to advise and support its insured to help them find the best international health insurance adapted to their project. Every international medical insurance is best negotiated to offer the best value. Partner of large international insurers, Mondassur is a reliable and solid partner for all travellers.

Vialala & Mond’Assur

Vialala and Mond’Assur are working on a partnership to offer tailored insurance products to Vialala’s travelers; they are also developing an offer for expatriate travel planners and international students.

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Mondial Assistance | Worldwide leader in insurance

Mondial Assistance is a brand of Allianz Global Assistance (Allianz group), world leader in travel insurance, assistance and personal services. Its headquarters are in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Allianz Global Assistance operates in 34 countries on 5 continents and was created in 2000 following the merger of Elvia (founded in Switzerland in 1950) and SACNAS-Mondial Assistance (founded in France in 1974). Its workforce in the world: 12,000+ people, network of 400,000 service providers and 180 correspondents. 250 million people benefit from its services, representing 4% of the world’s population.

Mondial Assistance intervenes all over the world, for its corporate and private customers, with its tailor-made assistance and insurance solutions in the fields of automotive, travel, leisure, mobility and housing. , employment, health and personal services.

Vialala & Mondial Assistance

Vialala and Mondial Assistance offer a full range of travel insurance products. The options available to travelers include: cancellation insurance, travel insurance (multi-risk), travel assistance

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Mondial assistance

Thermal Hungary | Hungarian thermal baths census site

The purpose of this platform is to help you easily find all thermal baths and spa services in Budapest, but also throughout Hungary.

Vialala & Thermal Hungary

Thermal Hungary and Vialala offer relaxation and spas in Hungary.

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Thermal hungary

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