Terms of sales

The website www.vialala.com (hereinafter the “Site”) is managed by Unictour SARL (hereinafter “Vialala” or “Vialala – Unictour SARL”), SARL with a capital of 20,000 euros, registered with the CParis Tribunal of Commerce under the number 813 466 588, whose registered head office is 77, avenue Parmentier – 75011 Paris, whose telephone number in France is: 00 339 83 58 18 13 and the email address contact@vialala.com. Vialala – Unictour SARL is registered in the Registry of the Operators of Voyages and Stays under the number IM075170052 – Financial Guarantee: APST, 15, avenue Carnot 75017 Paris – RCP: Hiscox Europe Underwriting Limited, 12 Quai of Queyries CS41177 33072 Bordeaux.

Vialala sells the trip offers which are posted on the Site and markets them to any Internet user who has the legal capacity to enter into a contract having expressly declared – by ticking the box provided for this purpose – to have read and accepted the present general terms of sales of the services offered on the Site (tourist packages, ancillary services, etc.), which appear in the descriptions of these services.

Summary of the Rights of Travelers (articles L. 211-8, R 211-1-2 and R. 211-4 of the Tourism Code)

Vialala recommends to read, before any registration, the following information forms provided for in the Tourism Code:

The combination of travel services offered to you is a package within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2015/2302 and Article L.211-2 II of the Tourism Code. You will therefore benefit from all the rights granted by the European Union applicable to stays, as transposed in the tourism code. Vialala is fully responsible for the proper execution of the entire stay. In addition, as required by law, Vialala has protection to reimburse your payments and, if the transportation is included in the package, to ensure your repatriation in case they become insolvent.

Essential rights provided by Directive (EU) 2015/2302 transposed into the tourism code:

– Travelers will receive all essential information about the stay before concluding the travel contract.

– The organizer and the retailer are responsible for the proper performance of all travel services included in the contract.

– Travelers receive an emergency phone number or contact details for contact with the organizer or retailer.

– Travelers may transfer their package to another person on reasonable notice and possibly subject to additional charges.

The price of the package can only be increased if specific costs increase (for example, fuel prices) and if this possibility is explicitly foreseen in the contract, and can not be modified in any case less than twenty days before the start the package. If the price increase exceeds 8% of the price of the package, the traveler can resolve the contract. If the organizer reserves the right to increase the price, the traveler is entitled to a price reduction if the corresponding costs are reduced.

Travelers may terminate the contract without paying a resolution fee and be fully reimbursed for any payments made if any of the essential elements of the package, other than the price, undergo a significant change. If, before the start of the package, the professional responsible for the package cancels it, travelers can obtain reimbursement and compensation, if applicable.

Travelers can resolve the contract without paying a resolution fee before the start of the plan in exceptional circumstances, for example if there are serious security issues at the destination that are likely to affect the package.

In addition, travelers may, at any time before the start of the package, terminate the contract by paying appropriate and justifiable resolution fees.

If, after the start of the package, important elements of it can not be provided as planned, other appropriate services must be offered to travelers at no extra charge. Travelers can resolve the contract without paying a resolution fee when the services are not performed in accordance with the contract, it significantly disrupts the execution of the package and the organizer does not solve the problem.

Travelers are also entitled to a price reduction and / or compensation in case of non-performance or poor performance of the travel services.

The organizer or retailer must provide help if the traveler is in trouble.

If the organizer or retailer becomes insolvent, the amounts paid will be refunded. Vialala has taken out insolvency protection with the APST. Travelers can contact this organization (APST-15, avenue Carnot- 75017 Paris – info@apst.travel – 01 44 09 25 35) if services are refused to them because of the insolvency of Vialala.

For more information :


2. Trip offers

Descriptive sheets and / or travel programs on the Site constitute an offer and engage Vialala. However, Vialala reserves the right to modify the elements at any time. In this case, the descriptive sheets and / or travel plans are updated on the Site, such modifications not being applicable to orders already placed, except for tariff changes resulting from the application of Articles L. 211. -12, R. 211-8 and R. 211-9 of the Tourism Code. The total price will be displayed upon confirmation of the reservation.

We remind you that minimal variations may appear between the pictures on the descriptive sheets and the products provided.

3 – Ordering services

3.1. The process of ordering tourist services on the Site is as follows:

a) the client selects the offer of his choice;
b) he chooses the dates, destination and length of stay to obtain an estimate;
c) it provides the information necessary for its reservation. He must ensure that the names, first names and civility of all participants in the trip he provides are correct. Any correction post-inscription of the spelling of a name, first name or of a civility will be able to involve expenses by request of modification;
d) he chooses the means of payment of his order.

The customer must pay online by credit card (Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, American Express) by communicating his credit card number before final confirmation of his order. In this case, the availability of the service is guaranteed as soon as the order is validated by the customer.

The customer must himself enter his bank details on a secure site accessible from the site of Vialala. He will first be asked to check the details of his order and price, to be aware of the contractual conditions applicable to his order and finally to validate the payment.

e) the customer is able to verify the details of his order and his price; he must be aware of the contractual conditions applicable to his order;
f) he then validates his order, thereby expressing his consent to be bound by the terms of the contract which is then validly concluded;
g) the registration of the customer’s order is from that moment taken into account by Vialala;
h) the customer receives a confirmation email from Vialala.
i) Vialala sends the customer his travel documents (voucher, etc., as the case may be) in the 7 days prior to departure, using the contact information provided by him.

It is the sole responsibility of the customer to communicate valid details and to update them in order to benefit from the services ordered.

Important: In order to ensure the comfort and safety of travelers, disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility must, before any registration, provide Vialala with essential information on their disability in order to allow assistance and adaptation of the service to all travelers to their specific needs. For security reasons, Vialala may require non-autonomous persons to be accompanied by a person who will be able to provide them with the assistance necessary for their stay. The customer has no right of withdrawal once the contract concluded, even in the context of a distance selling (articles L121-16-1 and L.121-21-8 of the Consumer Code). 3.2. The means of payment referred to in Article 3 are credit cards: Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

The services purchased on the Site must be paid by the client according to the schedule and the following modalities:

At the time of the order, the customer chooses:

– For the full payment of the price of the services (100%) or,

– The payment of a deposit of 30% of the amount of the trip and in this case, the balance (70%) will be automatically charged 30 days before the date of departure.

Less than 30 days before departure, Vialala reserves the right to resolve the contract with the customer by right and without notice and thus cancel, without penalty to pay the customer, the contract concluded with him in case of no -payment of the price of the services in accordance with the payment schedule defined above.

5. Cancellation by the customer

In case of cancellation, the insurance premium, visa fees when they are obtained and non-refundable hotel bookings are not refundable.

When the cancellation occurs because of the customer, cancellation / resolution fees are retained:

– more than 30 days before departure: 30% of the total amount of the trip,

– between 30 days and 10 days before departure: 60% of the total amount of the trip,

– less than 10 days before departure, day of departure or after departure: 100% of the total amount of the trip.

Some circuits are subject to special cancellation conditions. These specific conditions are mentioned in the description of the circuit on the Site.

The cancellation fees can be covered by the subscription of a cancellation insurance.

In all cases, when the client does not show up for the first service at the times and places mentioned in his travel diary or if the client is unable to participate in the trip, in particular for failure to submit the necessary documents to the travel, (passport, visa, vaccination certificate or other), the trip will not be refunded.

The customer may cancel the reservation free of charge before the start of the trip if exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, beyond the control of the parties and occurring at the destination or in the immediate vicinity thereof, have significant, proven and objective consequences, on the execution of the contract.

To cancel the order, the customer must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to Vialala – UnicTour SARL – Booking service – 77 avenue Parmentier – 75011 Paris. Only the date of receipt by Vialala of this request will be taken into account for the calculation of the penalties possibly due by the customer.

6. Changes brought about by the customer

Any request for modification of the initial order by the customer is treated according to the availabilities. It must be sent by any written means including an acknowledgment to the following address: Vialala – UnicTour SARL – Booking service – 77 avenue Parmentier – 75011 Paris. Only the date of receipt by Vialala of this request will be taken into consideration. Notified to more than 30 days of the departure or the supply of the first reserved service, any modification of the order will entail 100 € of expenses of file per person.

Notified to 30 days and less from the date of departure or the supply of the first reserved service, any modification will be considered as a cancellation and invoiced according to the conditions of article 5 “Cancellation by the customer”.

7. Cancellation because of Vialala before departure

If Vialala has to cancel the travel contract altogether, she will refund the customer for the money she collected within 14 days. In addition, and within the same period, the client will receive an indemnity equal to the penalty he would have incurred if the cancellation had taken place at that date.

However an friendly agreement can be reached if the customer accepts a trip or substitute stay proposed by Vialala. The customer will not be entitled to any compensation if Vialala is prevented from performing the contract due to exceptional and unavoidable circumstances.

He will not be able to claim any compensation if the number of participants required for the realization of a trip or a stay is not reached and that Vialala informs him of the resolution of the contract at the latest:

– twenty days before the day of departure for journeys exceeding six days;

– seven days before the day of departure in the case of trips lasting two to six days;

– Forty-eight hours before the day of departure in the case of travel does not last more than two days.

8 – Change to the travel contract due to outside events

If, prior to departure, an external event causes Vialala to change one of the essential elements of the contract, Vialala will notify the client as soon as possible and offer him either a modification of the benefit(s) in question, or a trip of substitution. Vialala informs the customer of the impact of this change on the price of the trip or stay, upward or downward.

The customer can either resolve the contract or accept the proposed change. In the event that the customer opts for the resolution, Vialala will refund the sums received by it within 14 days. In both cases (cancellation or acceptance of the change), Vialala must be informed of the customer’s decision within 7 days of receipt of the aforementioned information if it takes place more than 15 days before departure and within 2 days. days if it occurs within 15 days of departure. If there is no answer within this period, the customer will be deemed to have opted for the proposed modification.

The same provisions apply in the event of a price increase of more than 8%.

9. Price changes

After the conclusion of the contract with the customer, the agreed price is revisable, upwards or downwards, to take into account the variations of:

1) Fees and taxes relating to the services offered, such as tourist taxes, embarkation and disembarkation at ports;

2) Exchange rates.

In case of a change of one and / or the other of these data, the modification of the price will intervene on the following bases:

a) With regard to taxes and fees, the Site indicates the amount of taxes and fees retained as reference during the pricing process. The price of the trip will be increased or reduced by the same amount as the increase or decrease after the conclusion of the contract.

(b) Exchange Rate Variation: If the fluctuation of the exchange rate affects the total price of the trip by more than 3%, this impact will be fully reflected in the selling price of the trip both upwards and downwards. drop. The change in the exchange rate is only appreciated on the services invoiced to Vialala in foreign currency.

The increase of the selling price can be notified to the customer at the latest 20 days before the date of departure.

10. Disposal/Transfer of the travel contract

The customer may sell his contract as long as it has not produced an effect, if the transferee fulfills the same conditions as him to carry out the journey or the stay (identical modes of accommodation and board, same form of travel , same number of passengers, children in the same age group). The client can not transfer his insurance contracts or his assistance contracts. The customer is required to inform Vialala of his decision by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt no later than seven days before the date of commencement of the trip or stay. The assignment entails an additional minimum file fee of € 79 per person. If the handling fees in case of transfer are higher than those indicated, Vialala immediately informs its customer and provides the necessary supporting documents.

The assignor of the contract and the assignee are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the balance of the price as well as any costs, royalties or other additional costs occasioned by the assignment.

11. Hotels and cabins

– On its Site, Vialala specifies  the classification of hotels by stars or categories established by the local Ministries of Tourism according to standards that are different from French standards.

– Single rooms, despite the payment of a supplement, are always less well located and smaller than double rooms. The triple or quadruple rooms are double rooms in which a third or even a fourth less comfortable extra bed (s) is added in the same space, de facto reducing the available space in the room. Vialala recommends for families of four to take two double rooms or designated family rooms.

– When the site specifies that the room is on the sea or garden or other side, the view is never guaranteed. The sea view or the garden view or other can be frontal, lateral, partial.

– According to international regulations, the day of departure, the rooms must be vacated at noon, even if the departure takes place only in the evening. Exception: for certain circuits, when it is clearly specified in the program, the installation in the room is normally done from 14:00.

– Any service not used by the customer is non-refundable.

For cruises, individual cabins, despite the payment of a surcharge, are smaller than double cabins. The triple or quadruple cabins are designated in legend on the plan of the boat. Vialala recommends to four-person families to take family cabins designated in legend on the boat’s plan. On the day of departure, the cabins must be vacated at 8:00 am, even if the disembarkation takes place later. Transfer services not used by the customer are non-refundable.

12. Meals

– The circuit or stay in half-board includes: a dinner, an overnight stay, and a breakfast.

– The circuit or stay in full board includes a dinner, an overnight stay, a breakfast and a lunch.

– The circuit with meals according to program includes only the meals mentioned in the description of the services.

For tours and cruises, meals indicated “free” are the responsibility of the customer. Drinks, including mineral water, are charged unless otherwise specified in the brochure. For cruises, the type of drinks and the quantities included are shown on the product page of the brochure. In the “all-inclusive” formula, the services stop after lunch on the day of departure. Note that all clients in the same file must have the same pension formula.

13. Circuits and excursions

– The advice given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (red or orange areas on the site of the Quai d’Orsay) can lead Vialala to the significant modification of the circuit or the cancellation of the circuit for security reasons. In this case, Vialala will offer the customer the most suitable alternative is another destination or the same destination to another date of departure with a possible tariff change or by reimbursing the circuit.

– The circuit stages may be modified according to changes in domestic flight schedules or local requirements where scheduled destinations are temporarily impossible to access. They can be reversed or shifted. However, all visits are respected as far as possible. The names of hotels used for accommodation are given as an indication and may be replaced by others of similar category.

– During excursions bought on site, drinks and meals taken outside the hotel are not included even if you stay in full board. Hoteliers do not provide a packed lunch in compensation.

Vialala can not be held responsible for excursions purchased directly from local service providers. The tours and excursions are not suitable for non-autonomous people, especially because of the free time provided, for people with reduced mobility, both because of the inadequacy of local chartered vehicles, and often because of the lack of accessibility to the sites. Be careful, some excursions are subject to a minimum number of participants.

Cruise stopovers may be modified according to local requirements and / or cultural events and / or due to weather conditions where scheduled stops are temporarily impossible to access. Only the captain is authorized to make these decisions. They can be reversed or shifted. However, all visits are respected as far as possible. The landings of the vessel may, depending on the port of call, take place directly at the port or in a boat, only the captain is authorized to make these decisions.

During excursions purchased on site, personal expenses for drinks and meals taken outside can not be reimbursed knowing that these day trips are usually offered with packed lunch or meal in a restaurant.

14. Guaranteed departure, minimum and maximum number of participants

1) For cruises and tours, where “Guaranteed Departure” is used or a minimum number of participants is not mentioned, Vialala does not make a trip to a minimum number of participants.

When a minimum number of participants is expected and not reached, Vialala informs the customer of the cancellation of the stay or the trip as soon as possible.

The silence of Vialala is confirmation of the departure and lifting of the condition of the minimum number of participants.

2) For circuits, the maximum number of participants indicated on the Site corresponds to the maximum number of people sharing the same bus and supported by the same guide. This mention does not concern in any way the number of people on the sites, restaurants and hotels and other means of transport used during the circuit program (boat type, cable car). This maximum may fluctuate by 1 or 2 people in order to respond favorably to requests from people wishing to travel together.

3) For excursions: some excursions are subject to a minimum of participants, if not reached, the excursion will take place.

15. Paid activities
Paid activities are activities offered and organized by non-Vialala providers. These activities of which the customer has the free choice, are subjected to the conditions of sale falling under the said providers. The information provided by Vialala is purely indicative and in no way implies its responsibility.

16. Formalities

The information on the various administrative, customs and sanitary formalities necessary for the accomplishment of the voyages and the crossing of the borders, presented for information only and not exhaustive in the heading “Practical information” of each trip or stay are addressed only to the persons of French nationality. Foreign nationals must inquire themselves, prior to the order, at the embassy or consulate concerned.

In the event that new requirements relating to the administrative or sanitary provisions are raised by the countries of destination, between the distribution of the stay and the date of departure, Vialala will inform the customer. Vialala advises its customers on the use of the passport for crossing borders. In the case where the National Identity card is accepted, those whose validity period has expired less than 5 years are not accepted by other countries that consider them outdated. Vialala also strongly advises its customers to consult the Advice to Travelers section of the website www.diplomatie.gouv.fr. A minor child, even a baby, who travels with his parents must have his identity card (EU country in particular) or his passport depending on the destination. For people traveling to Morocco, if the child travels with his / her parents, it is recommended to also bring a document proving filiation (copy of the family record book or copy of the birth certificate). A minor who travels in certain countries (Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey) with only one of his parents or accompanied by a person not having parental authority must be provided with an authorization to leave the territory to respect a particular formalism and will sometimes have to have other document (s). It is strongly recommended that the customer carry out the necessary checks with the relevant authorities. A minor who travels unaccompanied by a holder of parental authority (or a person who is not able to prove that he / she has parental authority) must always be provided, in addition to his / her identity card or his passport, an authorization to leave the territory given by a holder of parental authority. This authorization will be drafted using the form available on the website www.service-public.fr, form which must be duly completed and signed by said holder. The minor must have this authorization but also a legible photocopy of an official document proving the identity of the signatory of this form.

It is up to the customer to scrupulously respect the required formalities by bearing the costs and to ensure that the names and first names on their travel documents correspond exactly to those on their identity document, passport or visa. Vialala is not responsible for the non-observance by the customer of his obligations, in particular in case he would be denied boarding or disembarkation and / or impose the payment of a fine. Vialala does not accept the registration of an unaccompanied minor. As a result, Vialala can not be criticized for refusing to sell a travel contract to an unaccompanied minor. Similarly, Vialala can not be held responsible if, despite this prohibition, an unaccompanied minor is enrolled, without his knowledge, in one of the trips or stays.

Important: 1) The US Department of Homeland Security has set up an online electronic travel authorization system called “ESTA” for access or transit through the United States by an airline or maritime. The application for travel authorization must be made by travelers as soon as possible and no later than 72 hours before departure, from the website https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/ by completing an online form, equivalent to the green card slip issued at boarding or on board the aircraft. Since September 8, 2010, applications for authorization are paid online, by credit card, at the time of application.

The electronic travel authorization is individual and applies to all nationals of countries benefiting from the visa waiver program, including children with or without accompanying persons. It does not guarantee admission to the United States at the border post, but only allows passengers bound for the United States or in transit to board an airline or seafarer as part of the program. visa exemption.

Foreign nationals must be in compliance with the various regulations in force, according to their nationality. For more information, we advise you to consult the website: www.office-tourisme-usa.com/formalites-etats-unis.php

2) Citizens from countries that are not subject to a visa requirement must obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to fly to or transit Canada. (cost: $ 7 Ca – to be completed on the official website www.canada.ca/ave).

17. Aptitude for travel

Vialala draws the attention of clients with physical, psychological or psychological health problems to the autonomy necessary to complete certain trips. Vialala advises a medical visit before any trip.

For security reasons, Vialala may require non-autonomous persons to be accompanied by a person who will be able to provide them with the assistance necessary for their stay.

18. Risks
Certain events or highly probable risks of political events (notably wars, disturbances) or natural events (notably tsunami, earthquake, cyclone) can occur after the posting on the Site of travel and stays. Vialala reserves the right to refuse registration for a destination where the event has occurred or is likely to occur, without the refusal being a refusal to sell.

19. Personal belongings
Valuables and money must be deposited in the hotel safe. Vialala is not responsible for lost, lost or forgotten personal belongings during travel, transport or overnight stays and recommends not to put valuables or medicines in checked baggage or to take away any valuables. valuable object with oneself.

20. Good to know

• Purchases: all purchases made on site are under the sole responsibility of customers, even if they are on the advice of a Vialala guide. It is highly inadvisable to buy manufactured objects or souvenirs made from protected species, whether animals (such as turtles) fish (such as sharks), coral, shells or crustaceans. The purchase of these products contravenes global maritime legislation and encourages the looting of nature reserves severely repressed by local laws. Similarly, it is recalled that the import of counterfeit goods is severely punished by French Customs.

• Changes: In most cases, it is not possible to modify reservations locally. In the event of modification, the possible supplement is to be paid on the spot. Unused services do not give rise to any refund.

• Excursions, activities, guided tours, etc.: some excursions, activities, guided tours, etc. are sold directly on site. They can be canceled due to circumstances of force majeure or if the minimum number of participants is not reached. The customer will not be entitled to any compensation. The prices and programs indicated on the site are given as an indication. These excursions are not refundable in case of cancellation of the customer. Complaints must be made on site at the organizer of the excursion.

• Vialala can not be held responsible if outdoor activities can not be provided due to weather conditions.

21. Pre-routing and post-routing
The pre and post-routing purchased at the sole initiative of the customer are in any case under its exclusive responsibility.

22. Animals
Generally speaking, animals are not allowed in Vialala tour packages. Access to hotels and restaurants is often forbidden. Animals are not allowed in the tours and cruises organized by Vialala.

23. Claims
Any claim for non-compliance, non-performance or improper performance of the travel contract must be reported in writing as soon as possible to the Vialala contact whose details are given by Vialala to the customer. After the return, the complaint must be sent as soon as possible to Vialala with supporting documents to the following address: Vialala – Unictour SARL – Complaint – 77 avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris. After entering the complaint service and failing a satisfactory response, the client can seize the mediator of Tourism and Travel (MTV Mediation Tourism Tourism – BP 80303 – 75823 Paris cedex 17), when all the domestic remedies have been exhausted. The arrangements for referral to the Tourist Ombudsman and other practical information are available on the website: http://www.mtv.travel.

24. Insurance

No insurance is included in the travel contract. The customer can subscribe from the Site an insurance contract covering the risks related to the execution of the services offered on the Site and according to the conditions appearing on the Site.

The insurance contract is then concluded directly between the client and the insurance company.

Also, only the insurance company is liable to the client for the subscription and execution of such contracts.

If the customer justifies a previous guarantee for the risks covered by the insurance taken out, the customer has the possibility to waive this insurance without charge within 14 days of its conclusion and as long as no guarantee exists. has been implemented.

25. Responsibility

When the customer finds the non-conformity of a travel service, he must immediately inform the contact Vialala whose coordinates are given by Vialala.

– Non-compliance of a travel service: If Vialala confirms the existence of the non-compliance, it remedies it, unless this is impossible or incurs disproportionate costs. If it does not remedy, the customer can either remedy it himself and claim reimbursement of necessary expenses, or claim a reduction in the appropriate price, increased if there is additional compensation in case of damage , actually suffered and justified.

– Non-delivery of a significant part of the travel services: When a large part of the ordered travel services can not be provided, Vialala offers, at no extra cost to the customer, other appropriate services, if possible of equal or superior quality.

It grants an appropriate price reduction if the services offered are of a quality lower than that specified in the contract. The customer may refuse the services offered only if they are not comparable to those provided for in the contract or if the price reduction granted is not appropriate.

In this case where it is impossible to offer other services, the customer may claim, if necessary, a reduction in the appropriate price, possibly increased by additional compensation.

– Non-conformity resulting in a considerable disruption of the execution of the journey or stay:

When a non-compliance significantly disrupts the execution of a trip or stay and Vialala does not remedy within a reasonable time set by the customer, the latter can resolve the contract without paying a resolution fee and ask, the where appropriate, an appropriate price reduction, possibly increased by additional compensation, in the case of a distinct damage actually suffered and justified.

Vialala shall be exempt from all liability if the non-compliance, non-performance or improper performance of the travel contract is attributable either to the customer or to the unpredictable and unavoidable event of a third party foreign to the provision of the services provided for in the contract, or exceptional and unavoidable circumstances. Vialala to cover the consequences of its professional liability has taken out insurance with Hiscox Europe Underwriting Limited, 12 Quai de Queyries CS41177 33072 Bordeaux.

In the event that liability is incurred, Vialala benefits from the provisions of the International Conventions limiting the conditions under which compensation is due and / or the extent of this compensation, provided that these limits and exclusions are applicable to service providers participating in the contract. provision of residence and travel services.

26 – Personal data: The personal data collected by Vialala (such as last name, first name, postal and e-mail address, telephone number, date of birth and travel preferences) are used for the management of customer orders (booking, invoicing, payment management, etc.), for the treatment of their travel plans / quotes, to know them better and thus better serve them (marketing analysis, sending adapted offers …).

Some information must be provided to Vialala; they are clearly marked with an asterisk. If they are not supplied, the customer’s requests can not be processed. Other information requested is optional.

Some of the personal data collected by Vialala will be disclosed, processed and stored by third parties: technology partners, regulatory contractors, who assist Vialala in providing its services, as well as suppliers of customer-booked trips. (like hotels …). Some of these third parties may be based outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”).

Vialala retains the personal data of customers to fulfill its legal and audit obligations, as long as necessary and in accordance with any retention period required by law.

Upon proof of his identity and within the limits of the regulations, the customer may oppose, access, rectify or delete the data concerning him or define the fate of his data after his death by writing to Vialala at the following address: (Vialala – UnicTour SARL – Legal Department – 77 avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris). As this is a strictly personal right, it can only be exercised by its holder or by his legal representative if he is a minor or a major incompetent.

In the event of a complaint regarding the use of customer data, Vialala will attempt to resolve it as soon as possible. Internet users can contact Vialala at the following address: Vialala – UnicTour SARL – Legal Department – 77 avenue Parmentier 75011 Paris.

The customer is entitled to lodge a complaint with the CNIL if he considers that the use of his personal data does not comply with the data protection regulations or when he has reason to believe that his Personal information is or has been used in a manner that does not comply with the law.

The customer is entitled to oppose telephone canvassing. To this end, he can register on the Bloctel list: https://conso.bloctel.fr/.

27- Intellectual property:

The customer is informed that it is forbidden to reproduce, represent or adapt all or part of one or more elements of the Site.

28- Proof:

It is expressly agreed that the data contained in Vialala’s information systems have probative force with respect to orders, requests, and any other element relating to the use of the Site. They can be validly produced, notably in court, as a means of proof in the same way as any written document.

29 – Applicable law:

Any contract concluded between Vialala and the customer is subject to French law.

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